10 Things to Know About NYC

By: Christine G. ('19)

10 Things to Know about NYC:

Last semester I did CITYterm and gained a new perspective on NYC. Here are my tips and tricks on conquering the city.


1. Use the subway

Although it seems like a grimy waste of time, it is quicker than most cab rides (especially to other boroughs) and cheaper. It’s not as scary as it seems. Just type in where you want to go on a maps app and click transit. It will give you step-by-step instructions.


2. Washington Square Park

If you have ever been to NYC and gone to a park, it was most likely Central Park. Try out a different one! Washington Square is in the middle of a busy area in Lower Manhattan. It has a giant fountain that you can run through in the summer, multiple entertainers, and a great environment. My friends and I went here a lot and always had such fun experiences.


3. Get out of Midtown

Most likely you’re staying in Midtown when you visit NYC. Behind all the hustle and bustle of this area it is easy to miss the unique experiences outside of Midtown. Check out Chelsea, Lower East Side, and even other boroughs.


4. Brooklyn

Staying with the topic of getting out of Midtown, go to Brooklyn. There is easy access using the L train or even walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to experience a journey across the water and provide yourself with a great view and one of a kind photo-ops. Williamsburg is a great neighborhood for hipster cafes and trendy vintage shops. Also, a great place to watch the NYC Marathon (if you come during this time).


5. $1 Pizza

Save your money for the amazing shopping and indulge in a delectable slice of $1 pizza. Yes, you heard me, $1! You can find $1 slices almost anywhere in NYC. Great for a cheap pic- me-up mid shopping spree or a quick dinner that’s always guaranteed to satisfy.


6. Smorgasbord

An amazing food festival in Brooklyn. Food tents set up in an open space contain every food you could imagine. Grab your food and sit on the picnic tables that overlook the East River with a spectacular view of Manhattan. 


7. Eataly (and pop-up)

Eataly is like a luxurious Italian food court. When I was in New York there was a pop-up restaurant on the roof. It looked like a ski lodge and gave me one of the best food experiences of my semester. Look out for different pop-up restaurants on the Eataly roof!


8. Time Out

When in doubt, go to timeout.com and search for any upcoming events in the city or fun ideas. It was my go-to website while I was in New York. It has amazing advice on how to get the most out of the city.


9. Staten Island ferry

Want a quality view of the Statue of Liberty for free? Take the Staten Island Ferry. It is free and leaves every 30 minutes. You will get a better view of the statue than most tour boats.


10. Concerts in the park

My last tip is to look out for concerts in the park. Central park has an area for concerts and frequently has them. Look online for more details. This is a great way to experience both the park and a fun dancing environment for you and friends.

Opinion Editorial: Five Exotic Spring Break Locations

By: Emma P. ('19)

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia

To get to Siem Reap you’re gonna have to sit in a plane for a little more than a day. But, wait! Don’t stop reading yet, 'cause the flight time is definitely worth it. This city is rich with history; from the ancient temples to the seat of the Khmer Kingdom from the 9th-15th centuries, your photo opportunities will be endless. If you’re looking for a super unique destination and a city that is guaranteed to make all your Insta followers jealous, then you should for sure book your ticket ASAP. 


  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia 

Have you ever seen those travel bloggers pictures with the 20 huts going out into the sea? (If you haven’t, then I’m amazed). Not to mention the Kardashian family's vacation episode from season 6, where Kim has a tantrum because she lost her diamond earrings in the ocean? Well, Bora Bora is where it all comes from. The Four Seasons Resort to be exact. You just can’t go wrong with this island, first off the pictures again will be to die for and on top of that you get to say you’ve been to French Polynesia. 


  • Oahu, Hawaii 

I’ve never been to Hawaii but as soon as I do go, Oahu is the first island on my list. Like all of the Hawaiian islands, Oahu is absolutely beautiful and you can do basically every outdoor activity you can imagine there, with a breath- taking view of the North Pacific Ocean. Another plus to going to Oahu, is that Jay Alvarrev lives there, so who knows you might bump into him...Or he might bump into you on his way down from the sky. (If you are unfamiliar with Jay Alvarrev’s hobbies, then fun fact his favorite is sky diving) 


  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Puerto Vallarta is the closest destination on this list by a long shot as it's only a little more than 6 hours away. If you’re "Bachelor in Paradise" fan, then this is the place to be, as all four seasons have been filmed there. For my real diehard fans, you can even try to find the beach that they film at while you’re there. That being said, even if you aren’t a huge fan of this match-making reality tv show, you should still consider going to Puerto Vallarta for spring break. It has some breath taking beaches and an awesome night life. 


  • Santorini, Greece 

Greece as a whole is an incredibly unique destination. If you try to find another country with all of its cities’ architecture being whitewashed, cubiform houses clinging to the islands cliffs you will fail, as Greece's architecture is completely one of its own. Hundreds of celebrities and travel bloggers go to this island on the regular, so you can draw some inspiration from the activities they do such as: renting a yacht for the day, shopping along the cobblestone markets, skydiving or even just lying by the pool taking in the view. I highly recommend checking out @gypsea_lust ’s Instagram to see even more of this stunning island. 

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