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Sammy F ('18)


Sammy Ferris is Editor-in-Chief of The Hook and a senior at Country Day. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time here at CCDS, serving as an—at times—unbearably enthusiastic English student and as the football team’s number one fan this year. She has been a part of the casts of The Wizard of Oz and The Drowsy Chaperone. She can mostly likely be found discussing her passion for women’s rights or her love for The Hook, specifically the ‘Style’ and ‘Politics’ headers. She can’t wait to see where The Hook goes in the upcoming years and urges all students at CCDS to share their voices in as many ways as possible. She will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall and will continue exploring writing and literature.

Mimi L ('19)

Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Mimi, and I am an IB junior at Country Day and the Copy Editor for the Hook. I am a Chai Latte lover, avid reader, and a world champion napper. Having gone to Country Day since what feels like forever, I understand that it's easy to become complacent in this community. Being a part of The Hook Squad has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and encourage others to use their unique voices. If you don't think you have something to write about - you're wrong. Each of us has an inner monologue that is screaming to come out. As Dr. Waples says: why are you best storyteller of the story that you're telling? I hope these articles provide a window into our Country Day community and that you get Hooked!

Lucy E ('19)

Managing Editor

Hi! I'm Lucy, and I'm an IB Junior and a Managing Editor for The Hook. I am a firm believer that Ross and Rachel were not on a break, a devastatingly picky eater and can most likely be found in the pool. I'll also always choose the lake over the beach, books over movies and Oreos over any other cookie. I always loved both telling and collecting stories, and The Hook is a place where I get to do both. Here, I can share my voice and what I'm passionate about while also learning what everyone on campus wants to share. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where opinions and ideas flow freely and the entire CCDS community can feel included. Hopefully along the way you'll be inspired to think about something in a way you hadn't before checking out The Hook . Enjoy!

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Foster H ('20)

Web Editor

Hey, I’m Foster, a Sophomore and Country Day lifer. I am the Web Editor for The Hook, and I work with my fellow editors to create each edition of The Hook by building The Hook’s website. I believe that The Hook plays a vital role here at Country Day by serving as a voice for inspired students to demonstrate their knowledge and inform the Country Day community. I’m a political enthusiast, an award winning MUN member, and a photographer. In my free time, I love to surf, trail run, and play soccer. You can view some of my photography under the Photos page.

Rachel G ('19)

Managing Editor

Hey guys! Its Rachel. I would love to be friends with you all, so let me tell you a little about myself. I am 17, managing editor, a cheerleader, a dancer, a huge extrovert and addicted to coffee. Being scared to submit to the Hook when I was a freshman, I am here to tell you that is not nearly as scary as it seems.  The Hook is a place where I can freely voice my opinion and just spill whatever is on my mind. We always wanna hear what you have to say, making it a great outlet for the student body. It is not just for "senior girls" or "book lovers"…. Its for anyone and everyone. Whether you are writing about your favorite food or a current event, writing for the Hook is a great way to get published and share you passions. Happy writing!!

Emma P ('19)

Multimedia Editor

Hey y’all! I’m Emma and right now I’m a junior. I’m the multi-media editor which means that I run the photographic side of the hook. I comprise pictures from all of y’all that either have to do with the focus of the edition or simply just some cool pics of the campus or of Charlotte that I think other people would love to see, for each edition. I also run the Instagram (which you should go follow). I love being apart of something so unique as the hook and getting to learn more and more about the experiences and views that are held by the students at Country Day. The hook serves as the perfect outlet for so many voices and I hope that you enjoy reading what we’ve put together!!

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