The Happiest Color in the World

By: Mrs. Goodfellow

I love purple. It is the happiest, most beautiful color in the entire world.  All shades of purple included- lavender, lilac, mauve, heliotrope, magenta, electric purple, dark purple, basically anything that falls between red and blue on the color spectrum. I have a purple purse, wallet, iphone, fitbit and recently purchased a pair of the iconic Golden Goose sneakers, not because of their fashion ability (I mean you can wear them with a skirt, pants, and a dress!!) but because they have a purple star.  At the heart of all things fashion for me, lies not the actual color of purple, but the joy that is behind the color.

The joy of clothing

Several years ago, I read the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up” by Marie Kondo in the hopes to reign in the disorganized, but organized, chaos of my closets. To be honest, I didn’t finish the book and my closets still are a mess most of the time. But one idea from the book did stick, the idea of keeping things or bringing things into your life that bring you joy. I mean, this is a good life philosophy for everything from relationships to lunch choices.  However, it really struck me for my own personal wardrobe.


In the same way I feel joy when I see purple, the idea of clothes bringing me joy never occurred to me. Now, when I find myself staring in the mirror of a dressing room or in the scroll of my browsing history online, I ask myself, “does this piece spark joy like when I see purple?” if the answer is “no”, even if the sale sign says 75% off, I don’t bring it into my life. Maybe it’s a fun pattern, or a long flowy skirt, or even the most comfortable sweatpants I’ve ever owned, regardless of the piece, there is an element of it that makes me happy.  As a result, the fashion kind of happens on its own and when it doesn’t, I look for inspiration.


Gain inspiration

I’ll let you in on one of my favorite fashion secrets…some of my fashion inspiration comes from the musical.  Every opening night of the musical I like to purchase a new outfit in the spirit of the show. Last year I found an embroidered red dress in the spirit of the 1960s. “Drowsy Chaperone” was a jumpsuit, “Addams Family” a black dress. This year, a color block dress straight from the inspiration of Dr. Seuss himself.


The Upper Classmen who have participated in the musical know this little secret and with a wink and a nod on opening night we are calling forth the creative energies through fashion and music. I know this classifies me as a total theatre nerd, but the point is to find something that inspires you and make it your starting point for your fashion voice! Not only are those outfits inspired by the musical but they bring me a great sense of joy. So, while I’m not decked out head to toe in purple everyday (although, now that I think about it, that could be kind of amazing), I find inspiration from the passion I pursue and the people around me.



“Where did you get that rockin’ top, Mrs. Keane? Oh, you went to Ivy and Leo?”  Now, that’s my favorite store too. “Mrs. Bosco, that is a beautiful dress, where did you get it?  Oh, Goodnight Macaroon”- mental note made to look online tonight. “Wait, you made those earrings, Mrs. Orchard?” “Mrs. Livingston, is that a pair of purple Nikes?!” #fashiongoals.  


Then there are the students on campus.  As a 40+ year old, most of the fashion trendy items I leave to the younger generation. Although, there have been moments when I’ve twinned with students on campus (looking at you Andie). That striped sweater? Yep, I have one too. I noticed a wedge shoe a student had on the other day and it went on my inspiration list, so did a mid-calf sweater, a pleated skirt, a plaid top, a stylish bomber jacket, an effortless leopard print, and the list goes on. Country Day is a mecca of fashionistas. Look around and find someone who inspires you.


Whether you are being inspired by a passion or person, or just wearing your tried and true leggings, find your own sense of purple, or joy, from clothing and let the fashion follow.

Trickle-Up Fashion in the Age of Social Media

By: Eden M. ('20)

The idea of “trickle-up” fashion refers to a type of fashion distribution in which the lower classes of society spark innovation in fashion and trends. A perfect example of this trickle-up effect would be the classic Dr. Marten. Originally known as Griggs, these workwear boots became a symbol of the working class in central England. As the decades went on, Dr. Martens were no longer the working man’s shoe. From Sid Vicious to Sir Elton John in a pair of oversized combat boots, Dr. Martens were no longer confined to the factories of Northamptonshire and were gracing stages around the globe. In the late 90s, a young Marc Jacobs had models walk in Docs for a Perry Ellis runway show. In 2009, Raf Simons collaborated with the brand to create a high fashion take on the shoe. Today, a simple Google search will show the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid in Dr. Martens. Amazingly, in just over a century, the shoe that started out as a badge of the blue-collar became the footwear obsession of fashion royalty. The phenomenon of bottom-up fashion has become ever more prevalent in the age of the internet. Streetwear is no longer limited to the surfskate culture of Southern California, and haute couture is not isolated within the stuffy fashion houses of Milan and Paris. Platforms such as Instagram have created more seats at the once exclusive fashion table. One of the most important examples of this shift is Gucci’s collaboration with Dapper Dan. In the 80s and 90s, Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day, was known for creating custom pieces from designer fabrics in his boutique. At first, he was known for outfitting drug dealers in Harlem, but as Polaroids of his designs were circulated around the country by his original customers, his designs caught the eye of celebrities like LL Cool J and Mike Tyson. Known as the “Fashion Outlaw,” Dapper Dan’s creations were reduced to knock-offs of designs from larger fashion houses like Louis Vuitton. Ironically, the designer who was once accused of stealing designs from big brands had one of his designs stolen. In 2017, Dapper Dan suddenly reappeared on social media after Gucci debuted a jacket for its 2018 Cruise collection that looked extremely similar to a jacket Day designed for Diane Dixon in 1989. Within months, Gucci announced its collaboration with Dapper Dan. "The people have spoken, and Gucci has listened," Dan said while announcing the partnership. And that’s exactly what is happening across the fashion world. Through the newly acquired power that is social media, the conventions of fashion have been restructured.

Now, rather than large brands dictating what trends and styles are worthy of recognition, the masses are telling designers what they want. Fashion doesn’t just happen in the studios of Miuccia, Prada, and Ricardo Tisci; fashion is happening everywhere. 

Favorite Fashion Trends of 2019

By: Sophie D. ('22)

1. Hair accessories

This has got to be my overall favorite trend. If you know me, you know I incorporate hair accessories into my everyday look whenever I can.  It’s such a simple way to add a little uniqueness to a basic look. I also love hair clips because they smooth out my hair and keep it out of my face. I really hope more people hop on this trend. I am starting to see more people wearing hair accessories, and I absolutely love walking around campus and seeing how everyone uses them differently to spice up their outfits.

2. Pastels

This is one of my favorite trends because my favorite color is lavender. Pastels are in all types of clothes. Since this is a broader trend, you can dress monochromatically or use accents of pastels in your everyday clothing. Including pops of color with your socks or hair accessories can pull together an entire look. You could also wear a dress or top that is pastel if you don’t like matching parts of your outfit. This trend has shown up a lot in my own wardrobe as I find myself gravitating toward it. It is easy to incorporate into your closet and very fun to include in outfits in and outside of school. I hope to see it more within our school.

3.  Plaid

One of my absolute favorites. Plaid flair pants are such a great look, and I’m so happy they became more mainstream in 2019. It spices up your look and is usually more comfortable than jeans which is a plus. These can be styled with a plain shirt and jean jacket or even just a basic sweater. They are so easy to wear and are great for school or any occasion.

4. Combat Boots

I also really like this trend, and I was pretty surprised to see so many other students here wearing combat boots. They have started to become a favorite, especially white boots for festivals and concerts. I’m not sure if they will be as popular this summer, but I hope they are worn more here because I think it’s such a cool trend and a way to make your outfit a little edgier.


5. Neon

I also really like seeing how people incorporate this trend into their wardrobes. I think a lot of people tend to avoid neon as it can be flashy and over the top when not styled right. I like seeing neon styled with jeans because it tones down the craziness of the neon and gives it a more casual look which is very hard to achieve with other materials and patterns. I think a lot of people want to wear neon but don’t think they can pull it off, or they just don’t like it, which is fair. But, if you want to wear it, please do because it is such a cool addition to one‘s closet even if it’s just a small piece like a beanie or sock. I really hope to see it more around school.

6. Painted/Customized Denim

This trend is one that I am especially interested in because I don’t own anything like this. I wish I had hopped on this trend earlier because now lots of people have made similar pieces. But because it is so customizable, this trend can really work for anyone, whether you choose to paint your own denim or buy a pair from creators on depop or private companies. This trend should be more mainstream than it is because it is so easy to access and makes your look so unique and you. I hope everyone at least considers wearing this trend in everyday life because it is so interesting, and I’d love to see it more around campus.

7. Puffer coats

This is one of the trends that Country Day has really liked. Lots of students now have brightly colored puffers, and the metallic ones are also becoming very popular. These are very versatile and can be worn with a lot because they are usually solid colors. This makes them popular for people who like more neutral and minimalistic looks as well as those who like to include more statement pieces into their daily wardrobe. Overall, this trend has proved very popular here, and I’ve seen many cool ways to wear this trend at Country Day.

8. Tie-dye

This is another trend that has proved very popular at CCDS, on Fridays especially. You can hardly walk down a hall without seeing some type of tie-dye. This new pattern of tie-dye is very cool because it’s also more minimalistic and monochromatic than traditional rainbow spiral tie-dye. This is also very popular with more pastel colors because people are beginning to like softer, simpler looks. This trend seems to be very promising, and we will definitely see more in 2020.



9. Animal Print

One of the most popular trends this year is animal print. From full suits to skirts, animal print has taken over popular companies like Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Top-Shop. The best ways to style are usually with basic solid colors unless you prefer a more outgoing look. Overall, this trend has taken over the fashion industry and is also very popular here at Country Day. The other good thing about animal print is that it can be styled with heels or sneakers, which makes it school and event-appropriate. However you choose to style it, animal print is a go-to look for 2020.

10. Puff Sleeves

This trend is very fun and can also be worn for all occasions. It certainly was popular during New York and London Fashion Week. Though it's better in the summer when dress code is not a big issue, it can sometimes be worn at school if the top is not too low cut or backless. I especially like puff sleeves because they seem to add elegance to an otherwise bland outfit. It is really cute when styled with straight jeans and layered necklaces. This allows for lots of creativity with accessories which is also really fun.

Fashion is Fun!

By: Claire M ('21)

Hey it's Claire, FASHION IS SO FUN. I love that you can express yourself in so many ways and I think my fashion really expresses my true self. Where do I get inspired? Pinterest has changed my life. I created a fashion board a couple of years ago and it now has like 984192399 pins (if you don’t know how Pinterest works you are probably confused sorryyyy). I spend hours looking through and planning and finding clothes that I really like and once you pin something that you really like, it comes up with like 200 more “similar items” and then you are just stuck in a continuous circle of inspiration. My main thing is expressing my real self and just doing whatever I want. I respect originality and creativity more than anything in life. I can’t remember a time that I have put on an outfit and wondered or stressed about what other people would think about it. Easier said than done but if you love an outfit, rock it, who cares what other people think. That is my mindset when picking out outfits, I never let outside judgment affect my decisions because not everyone is going to love what you love. Social media has definitely inspired my fashion choices and modern artists and anything colorful, neon, rainbows, glitter, different shaded denim, patches, honestly anything “weird” or just different is awesome. I really like to stand out, I have a lot of fun experimenting with new styles and just being creative. This creativity has also inspired me to start my own business where i paint and customize clothes and shoes. My girl Garrett P '21 actually came up with the idea of “Customs By Claire” and it has been so much fun. (@customsbyclaire on IG:)   I love small clothing brands like online boutiques ( a couple I like are Princess Polly, Asos, Missguided, Nasty Gal, Opening Ceremony, Isabella's Cabinet, and Tiger Mist), as well as THRIFTING! I love these so much because the chance of someone else having the same piece of clothing as you is slim which I like because I try to keep things original. I praise people who just express themselves and are unique. My advice for anyone is to just go towards what your eyes are drawn to, not what you think someone else would like, not what you think your mom or great uncle would like, but what you personally like, and that is how I have found my taste in fashion. 

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