Foster H

Editor in Chief

Hey, I’m Foster, a Senior and Country Day lifer. Riley and I are the Editor in Chiefs of The Hook this year and are looking forward to it!  I believe that The Hook plays a vital role here at Country Day by serving as a voice for inspired students to demonstrate their knowledge and inform the Country Day community. I’m a political enthusiast, the co-founder of Naturalize Charlotte, and a photographer. In my free time, I love to surf, trail run, and play soccer. 

McAuley M

Lead Copy Editor

Hey I'm McAuley! I'm a senior and one of the copy editors for The Hook. I enjoy chilled Dasani and weekly horoscopes, and the key to my heart is chocolate almond milk. I love to travel, people watch, and write about anything and everything. I encourage everyone to write for the hook at some point during high school to step out or your comfort zone and share your ideas!!!

Charlotte V

Lead Managing Editor

Hey I'm Charlotte and I have loved being a part of the Hook these past two years! As a senior I've loved seeing how many new voices we have reached out to and am super excited for The Hook's future with these wonderful and creative new members! Being creative is one of the best ways to explore yourself and make a positive impact on others and I believe The Hook is a great outlet for that. Please, please don't be afraid to share your ideas because we love them all! My experience with the Hook began with an article I wrote about Crocs, so I assure you that any idea is a good one (even if it's a little goofy). I love fashion and making people smile! My biggest thing is to be yourself and to always have fun!

Hudson R

Copy Editor

Hey, I’m Hudson! I’m a sophomore, and I’m excited to be learning the ropes of The Hook this year as a copy editor. You can usually find me on the basketball court or eating sushi whenever I can. I’m obsessed with the Bachelor, but I’ll always prefer to watch a Patriots game instead! I encourage everyone to share their ideas and submit to The Hook, and I can’t wait to read what you have to say :)

Marshall B

Copy Editor

Hi everyone! I'm Marshall, I'm a junior and I am super excited to be one of The Hook's new copy editors this year! To tell you guys a little bit about me I love fashion, traveling, reading, Pure Barre, and I actually love waking up early. My most frequented spot in Charlotte is probably the Green Brothers and Not Just Coffee in Dilworth, you can often find me there on Sunday mornings :) I also have two sisters, one younger, and one who is my identical twin (but she goes to Myers Park). I am so excited to be a part of The Hook this year, and I hope you all will not hesitate to reach out with your ideas!!

Emma T

Managing Editor

Hey everyone! I'm Emma, I’m a sophomore, and I’m excited to be a managing editor at The Hook! I'm a theater lover, English enthusiast, and will always prefer my Toms over any other shoe. You can always catch me spewing random current events and raving (or sometimes raging) over all of the award show gossip. I have always loved reading The Hook because I get to see what my peers and friends love to write about! I hope to see some new writers this year and I cannot wait to see what everyone has to say!

Syd K

Multimedia Editor

Hey, I’m Syd! I’m a junior, and a multimedia editor for The Hook. I’m a huge film geek and Converse enthusiast. I also love Disney and enjoy any travel in general, I always take pictures to capture my time there. I hope everyone feels free to use The Hook as a creative outlet, and I can’t wait to see what you guys submit!

Somil V

Web Designer

Hey friends!! I'm Somil, a new sophomore to CCDS (love this place, thank you for making me feel so welcome :) ) and I'm the new web designer! I like eating, travelling, learning, and hanging out with the bros. Particularly, I enjoy politics, debating, and current events (feel free to slide in my dms and ask @som1l). It's super important we all express ourselves and create a safe environment for productive discourse so I encourage you all to send in articles!!

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Riley O

Editor in Chief

Hey! I'm Riley, and I'm an IB Senior, cheerleader, and Co-Editor in Chief with Foster! You can usually find me ruining a perfect cup of coffee with an extreme amount of cream and sugar. I'm a firm believer that there's nothing the right song can't fix, and I'm always open to new music suggestions! I'm passionate about travel, and I plan to see as much of the world as I possibly can. As someone who has an opinion on everything ranging from politics to conspiracy theories (I could talk for hours), I love that The Hook is a place where you're encouraged to share your views on anything and everything. I encourage everyone to submit to The Hook and let your voice be heard! 

Lilah P

Lead Copy Editor

Hey Pals! I'm Lilah and I am proudly serving as Copy Editor for The Hook. I'm a shameless Raisin Bran eater, Broadway Junkie, Zumba lover, Jack Johnson groupie, and shmoozer (I can and will talk your ear off- be warned). I'm not even going to pretend I don't love Membean, and if you do too The Hook is a great place to drop some of those new fancy vocab words. The Hook gives the perfect opportunity to zoom out of your friend group or even grade, and connect to the larger Country Day community. It’s a great platform to hear about the opinions and experiences of someone you don't usually talk to, or to laugh at a dumb satire so bazaar you’re not sure you are laughing for the right reasons. So read, or write, or just laugh, but no matter what - you will undeniably and unapologetically get hooked:)!

Ellie D

Lead Multimedia Editor

Hi Guys! My name is Ellie and I am an IB junior! I am the Multi Media Manager along with Maggie and Sydney, and we focus on the design and photographic side of The Hook. We also run The Hook Instagram page (@thehookccds), so go check it out! To tell you a little bit about myself, Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places in Charlotte, my caffeinated beverage of choice is green tea, and I believe in the importance of reading good books more than once. I love writing and reading, but I also take pride in the fact that I'm a Bio nerd and hope to pursue a Biology major! The Hook is an amazing platform for self-expression through writing, but I also love that the Hook provides an outlet for those who express themselves best through art and media design. For those of you who are hesitant to submit your writing/photography/design: don’t be! The Hook is here to serve as a creative outlet for all individuals, and your voice is valued by the Country Day community.

Happy writing :)

Ashlyn W

Copy Editor

Hi! I’m Ashlyn and I am a new Junior copy editor for The Hook! I live on Lake Wylie which I love despite the long morning commutes! I love spending time on the water during the summer whether it’s on the lake or beach. I also have two sisters that are both 18 months apart from me in age, so we are close except for when it comes to stealing each other’s clothes. When I can leave campus for lunch senior year catch me at Harris Teeter getting a sub and chocolate cake whenever I can! I have always loved reading The Hook and I am so excited to now be part of The Hook team that enables different student perspectives to be shared. If you are passionate about something, literally anything, then spark conversation and curiosity by submitting to The Hook!

Garrett P

Managing Editor

Hi guys! I'm Garrett, and I'm so excited to start my role as a Managing Editor for the Hook. For those of you who don't know me, I love spending time with friends, curling up with a good book, and baking (often overindulging on cookie dough in the process). As the youngest of four sisters, I pride myself in being super outgoing and a great listener, so feel free to reach out not only with any thoughts or article ideas, but also if you want to talk about who got sent home on this week of the Bachelor. I love that The Hook serves as a creative platform for students to contribute their passions: fashion, politics, or even music suggestions. I encourage students from all grade levels to reach out of their comfort zones and share their voice with the rest of the student body!

Maggie B

Multimedia Editor

Hey!! I'm Maggie and I am a sophomore multimedia editor for The Hook! One of my guilty pleasures of last year was reading The Hook during class, so I'm super excited to be a part of it now! I'd say I am listening to music whenever possible and I think that making lists is the most therapeutic activity. I'm a strong believer that mango is superior to all other fruits and I love to travel and make memories. I hope you all think of some trips, memories, lists, or anything in between and write about them or submit photos!  Can’t wait to see what y'all bring!!

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