Surprise! We tried to get letters for as many seniors as we could! Ctrl + F your name.


Alex J. by Kenneth J.

I’m really grateful for the years I’ve gotten to share with Alex at Country Day. Every time I’ve needed just about anything, whether it be advice on classes or help with work, Alex has been there. I can always count on him for good advice. In fact, I even planned to ask him which story I should write about for this, until I realized it was supposed to be a surprise.

I’ve been especially lucky to share the last two years with him on the distance track team. From racing against the clock on the 4x800m relay team at JDL to last week when we were kicked off the Charlotte Christian track during a workout (because we were “trespassing” on “private property”), there’s been no shortage of good memories.

Next year, I’m definitely going to miss having Alex around all the time at Country Day, but I know he’s going to have a great year at Chapel Hill, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.




Andrew W by Walker V

                                                          Remembering a Legend

Dear Andrew,

              I was asked to write a paragraph about you to share some memories we had from our time in high school together. Although we have only really known each other for two years, I wanted to thank you for being such a great role model. From your great behavior within the classroom to your leadership on the football field, I have always looked up to you. Even when my mom kicked you out of my house when I was in fourth grade for teaching me words that are not normally in a ten-year old’s vocabulary. Despite the adversity, I’m glad we were able to settle our differences and reconnect as friends in high school. Sharing many memories together, my favorite would have to be our infamous “Yamborghini High” music video in digital music. I wouldn’t have wanted to flex money and lip sync over a nice track with anyone else. At the end of the day, our music video was so good I heard Mr. Forbis still bops his head when he hears that fire beat. Another great memory we share would have to be hitting the links at Charlotte's very own Revolution Golf Course. Especially when you took my money to get me a Dr. Pepper and gummy bears. I wonder what ever happened to those. Anyways, I will miss having you on campus next year and I promise to come watch a football game over at Tulane. It has been a fun ride, and I will always look up to you as an older brother.

Roll Wave,

Walker V.

Avery L. by EA H.

Dear Avery,


I just wanted to thank you for being the funny, kind-hearted, and amazing person you are. The last period of the first day of school when I stepped into Cramer 102 for AP English and saw you I was a little confused and intimidated not going to lie. As the year went on and we shared many interesting discussions and confused looks from across the room, I have looked up to you as a role model inside the classroom and out. You definitely made English what it was this year and it wouldn't have been the same without you. As you move onto college, I wish you only the best but you really will not need it. You are one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met. You made a tremendous impact on the Country Day community and everyone in it. I can only imagine the amazing things you will do at Washington and Lee. Good luck and always remember the crazy things that stay in Cramer 102.


Thanks for all the memories,



Bailey H. by Liza H.


I’m so beyond proud of you! These past few years you have been like a big sister to me and it is going to be so sad to see you go. You will only be a couple of hours away so I will come visit a ton if you’ll have me. It still feels like yesterday when you picked me up for my first day of freshmen year 2 years ago. I was so nervous that it was going to be awkward with you, but you made it fun and were your giggly self. I can’t believe how much time has passed and I’m going to be in your shoes as that junior just riding to school all alone! I miss our carpool days so much and especially the caribou coffee that came with it. I am counting on you to have the best years of your life at Chapel Hill and I expect you to come home a few times. You shine such a bright light on everyone around you, so they are lucky to have you there. Please come home after a few months and we can get some ‘bou. I love you!!! - Liza 


Ben D. by Reagan D.

As a youngest sibling, there comes a time when you are the only one left in the house after your siblings have moved on to college or the adult world. Recently, Ben decided he will attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the fall, and within the hour of accepting his invitation of admission, he was looking at dorm options and receiving calls from UNCC’s Football Equipment Manager, which made me realize that he will not be living just down the hallway from me for much longer. In the last 16 years and 10 months, I have never existed for a long time without Ben nearby. With the start of his freshman year of college, as he pursues a degree in computer science, I will have to learn to kill bugs, beat Lego video games, and battle against parental tyranny on my own. Although there will be a lot of changes in my life next school year, I’m happy for Ben because he possesses an immense excitement for the next stage of his life. I wish I had a recording of him coming up to me after getting off the phone with the Equipment Manager and saying, “Reagan, today is my day!” or a picture of the goofy smile on his face when my parents gave him his first piece of UNCC gear.

Brooke H. by Jack F.


I remember walking into Country Day my freshman year and not knowing that many upper classmen. But then walking into acting 1 was different. I met Brooke H.; she was so nice to me and really welcoming to everyone. Always putting other people before her in everything she does. She made everyone feel welcomed and always lights up a room with her fun loving personality. I’m so happy I’ve had the ability to get to know her and spend over two years making great memories with her and I know she’s going to do great things in her future.


Charlie V. by Margo V.




Congratulations, you did it! The easy part is over, and the hard part is coming. I hope you excel in college just like you do in our family games. I will miss you more than you think. I will miss playing card games, beating you in basketball, you helping me with chemistry, and our super talkative car rides. But, most importantly, I will miss your thoughtfulness and kindness. Most people know Charlie as the super smart person and fast runner. I know him as a caring brother. Whether we were playing cops and robbers, building snow forts, trick or treating, tubing, or jumping on the trampoline, you have always been my playmate. Now that we’re older and we're not playmates, you have taken up a new role in my life. You are my role model. Your aspiration to be the best you can be with anything has pushed me to work harder in school, run faster, and be the best sister I can be. I am going to miss you so much! Can’t wait to visit all the time! 


Charlotte R. by Adele M.

I have known Charlotte since field hockey tryouts freshman year. She was a new sophomore, having moved all the way from Boston,  but she was not one to fly under the radar. The first thing I noticed about Charlotte was her remarkable work ethic in preseason. Now, a lot of time has passed, and I have seen her work ethic continue to lead her to success in several different ways- as captain of the varsity field hockey team, as an NHS officer, and as a state champion. I have had the blessing of being Charlotte’s friend and teammate through it all. She is an incredible role model with a drive that will take her far. Charlotte, I’m so grateful to have known you and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come! -Adele


Charlotte V. by Walker V.


Dear Charlotte,


Having the house to myself might not be that great after all, other than being able to sleep at night without hearing Netflix shows at max volume. That will be nice. But, on the other hand, I'll miss having someone to go get food with in the middle of the night and all those waffle house trips. Or when we would go get all the Easter and valentines candy the day after when it all goes on sale. Anyways, one my favorite memories would have to be the first time we both played paintball. It was an interesting experience to say the least, as I could not seem to find you anywhere until I stumbled upon a fully constructed fort in the middle of the woods. And by that time, we were both tired and ready to go home. Zero shots were fired that day. Or all those times we would watch master of disguise, a top tier movie to say the least. Anyways, living by myself is going to be interesting as I will probably take over your room and make it some sort of evil lair. However, it will be open for you to rent when you return. Finally, I know it's hard to say as I have look forward to having two rooms for a while, but I will miss you! I hope to take many visits to Miami of Ohio to see you and have all sorts of fun. You have always been a great older sister despite our reoccurring arguments, and I hope you enjoy your time in college.

Go RedHawks,



Chase R. by Huck W.

Shoutout Chase! Thanks for being the biggest country day sports supporter and best hype man. I will never forget every football game and the good times we have had together. You have definitely made a positive impact on many people at Country Day throughout your years here. Thank you for showing me the ropes of what it is like to have fun your senior year. I wish the dynamic duo could play up the middle one more time! I look forward to visiting you in Oxford. Good luck next year Chase! Hotty Toddy!


Christopher M. by McNeill U.


When walking on to the Upper School campus as a freshman for the first time, feeling a little bit intimidated was an understatement. Being the lowest grade on the campus, it was nice to have familiar faces in the grade above me. The first one of those faces was Christopher (Critty). I first became friends with Critty just by passing thru the buildings with an occasional wave or nod. As freshman year continued, I started to attend YoungLife club meetings every other Monday and campaigners every Friday morning before school. On different occasions, I needed a ride to some of these events, and knowing Critty lived in my neighborhood, I quickly picked up the phone and asked him if I could have a ride. These random occasions turned into every week of being picked up before school and having conversations, listening to different music, and eventually arguing who had the better music taste. Through these car rides, we became closer and closer as those nods when walking by each other at school became small conversations. Through YoungLife, after school sporting events, and many car rides, Critty and I became very close friends. Whether it was YoungLife trips or meals together, it was always a fun time. As my junior year arrived, it was also time for the last school year with a close friend. Sadly, this school year has ended abruptly. To close this, I wanted to write this article to Critty because of his continued support and friendship to me. Getting closer with him over the last couple of years has been nothing short of awesome. I am sad that your senior year has come to a close so soon, but I know you are going on to bigger and better things at Chapel Hill. Going to miss you Critty!


Clarkson G. by Patrick B.

Clarkson has never stopped talking about running. In our improv class she got the name “Usain” for her speed. She has always been friendly, but very quirky, towards me and the other freshman in improv. This allowed her to blend right in with the freshman because of how accepting she was. Clarkson extended her acceptance to us as she brought us lunch on multiple occasions. On campus she has been known for welcoming anyone into conversations and lightening the mood. Clarkson has also been a helpful friend outside of school. Even when our improv class ended, Clarkson still regularly communicated with me and the other freshman. Overall, even though I’ve only known her for a year, she has acted as a great role model for me and my improv class.

Cooper B. by Huck W.


Shoutout to The Cooper B.!


Thanks for being one of my biggest role models these last two years and showing me what true hard work looks like on and off the sports fields. I can’t think of anyone more positive and uplifting than you. Thanks for always being there for me and giving me advice since the start of my Country Day career. I wish we could have struck out the side one more time as the Country Day battery. Thanks for all you have done for me and the Country Day community Cooper. Good luck next year Coop! Go Tigers!

Cooper B. by Nolan B.

Coop, I'm really going to miss you when you are away at college. You always make me laugh even though you drive me crazy! I love being around you and your friends and I'll miss not being on the sidelines with y'all during football season. Finally, I hope you have an awesome four years at Clemson! You are an awesome big brother!


Elle L. by Allen L.


Dear Elle,


You have always been one of the most important parts of my life. I realize that I often come off as overbearing, but it is only because I love you. The truth is my life would be missing something if you were not by my side. Although the hugs I give you every day on campus maybe annoying, I know you secretly love the attention. You have become more than my sister; you are my best friend, and I could trust you with my life. I remember the time in seventh grade when I thought something was wrong with me because I knew I was gay; I came to you in tears and you told me “Nothing’s wrong with you because you like boys, now go away I’m trying to watch Netflix”. You always got straight to the point, another one of the things I love most about you. I know this maybe the end of your career in grade school but trust me I won’t stop annoying you till I’m in the grave. I hope we have many more adventures to come.

Love your crazy brother,



PS. If any of your money disappeared as a child it was most likely me.

Emma H. by Hannah B.

Dear Emma,


    Thinking back to that first awkward car ride we had together almost 2 years ago, I had no idea you would become one of my closest friends. Many more memorable rides later (we can thank my sub-par driving skills), and I can’t believe you’re leaving. I hesitate to admit you’ve given me any sort of advice or guidance over my first half of high school, but we both know that’s not true because you’ve always been a great friend. Have so much fun in college, I know you’ll miss me!


- Hannah


Harrison P. by Steven R.

Dear Harrison,


I’m going to miss you a lot next year bro. I just wanted to thank you for being so chill and welcoming because you helped me settle into school and meet a lot of upperclassmen. From freshman year when I met you during your free period, to you inviting me to come chill with you and some of the other seniors, all the way to when Eternal Atake dropped and you ran into my math class to tell me. You always had positive vibes and were nice to everyone. I hope we can stay in touch even after you leave, and I hope you have a great time in college.


- Steven


Hunter E. by Taylor L.

Remembering a Leader


Dear Hunter,


I wanted to thank you for being the great role model you are. Your work ethic along with your willingness to help others is something that I have looked up to during our time together at CCDS. Whether it was learning physics from you or staying after lacrosse practice to put some extra shots up, you were always willing to work a little bit harder with me. When I think of mature, intelligent, driven young men who have played a role in my life, you are quick to come to mind. I will always respect your modesty, as you hid your many talents and positive characteristics behind an unselfish, humble appearance.


As you part from high school and move on to a bigger stage in your life, I want to express my condolences to a senior campaign that was abruptly ended by the pandemic we are currently enduring. I will forever be deprived of your presence on the lacrosse field, and I’m disappointed we weren’t able to make a run during what was shaping up to be a very successful season. I hope that you accompany your intellectual accomplishments by trying to compete with the Princeton men’s lacrosse team. Your willingness to improve and to help the progression of others is something that teams highly value.

I wish you luck in your years to come, and I am honored to know the young man you have become.


Taylor L.


Jack L by Caroline L

Congratulations Jack! You made it past senior year and are going to Clemson. I used to think you would always be a northerner, but then you dressed up as Si from Duck Dynasty for Halloween and have been a southern kid ever since. You always protect me: you comforted me when I chopped off all my hair and put it in a puzzle box. You hid with me behind a trash can when I didn't want to get a flu shot. You also 'saved' me from the dogs I was so helplessly afraid of. Thanks for always having my back and being a good big brother. Ily.




Jackson K by George O

Dear Jackson,


Hello there. So glad I met someone who has worse road rage than me. Some how we both only got one technical this year. I’m still mad you got more charges. You might be better at basketball, by a lot, but I’m much better at the silent treatment. Sorry about that. But I repaid that with the chicken nuggets, so we’re even. I will never eat my bagels normal, sorry. I hope you get better at tik tok dances, but never better than me. Remember to get tik tok famous one day E boy. Thanks for being my Spanish dictionary. I don’t even know why your friends with me, I have dyslexia, and I’m Amish. Never get a Jeep Truck. And remember Lets go bucs. Did you know that 5 out of 4 people have trouble with math? I didn’t. Thanks for saying hi to me at the PD game. That was crazy dude. But for real horns down. Thanks for dealing with my pettiness. Sorta mad you decided to go to school in Texas. Also confused because you hate country music. At least they have Wendy’s there and maybe a fresh market. College football is superior. Sorry I pierced my ear, at least I didn’t cut my hair. For the record I was never on academic probation. Learn how to play darts safely. Don’t break any more lightsabers. I would just like to say I am not a bad driver. You should go on American Idol. I know you really need a BMW. Don’t know what I’m going to do without you giving me a box of donuts at school next year. I’m going to miss you, I guess.




Chase R. and Jacob L. by Judson S.

Chase and Bobby,


It’s been a pleasure wreaking havoc in the student sections of football games, field hockey games, basketball games, and just about every other CCDS sporting event with y’all.  Not to mention all the long car rides to football away games in the middle nowhere in South Carolina (shoutout to Charlotte for driving). Gonna miss you dudes next year. Heckling opponents will never be the same.

       - Judson

John A. by Jack F.


I remember walking in to Country Day high school the summer before my freshman year started. I was nervous, and didn’t know how my first year of high school football was going to go. Looking back on these past few years, John A. is the main person who has helped me more get where I am today. He picked me up every morning and dropped me off every afternoon for football practice during the summer. He kept me consistent in my work and made sure I was never falling behind. We worked together on and off the field and he always pushed me to be a better player and person. We made everything a competition, from football to the weight room to shot put. And I’ve loved getting to know him and become friends with him over the past few years and I know he’s going to kill it in college.


Katie S. by Ella M.

Katie, or Mousie as I like to call you, I will miss you SO much next year! I remember the first time we really got to know each other… I walked into field hockey practice my sophomore year and I cannot remember what I was saying except the fact that it was so stupid and you heard and we both just broke out in laughter. From this point on, we became better and better friends, and I can always count on you to laugh at how stupid I am sometimes and my crazy self! I am going to miss you so much next year, but I know you will kill it at Yale (go bulldogs!). Another one of my favorite memories was when we were at our favorite Ambush Thanksgiving tournament and you got hit in the foot during our last game and it turned purple ahhh! I felt so bad for you! Anyways, I will miss you so much next year and I promise I will come see one of your games so I can cheer "Go Mousie"! I will forever miss my center middie and favorite person to pass to. Love you lots, xoxo


Kendel P. by Grace M.

Dear Kendel,


I can’t believe that your graduating! It’s insane that you are leaving me in the same way I found you, a little freshie and a crazy junior. My very first cheer camp feels like just yesterday. I would never have guessed that I would get to know the sweetest and most caring girl I have ever met in that college dorm room. There is just something about tearing up on the mats because of Brigham that really sparks a friendship. You always bring a smile to my face; I’m going to miss seeing your cute little face turning around in line up ready to laugh and joke with me. You are always there for me when I need help and I love you so much. These two past years with you have been so amazing and fun. I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when I won’t see you passing on the way to our classes. Thank you for the advice you have given me, the lessons you have taught me as a captain, and just being there for me. I can’t wait to see how college changes you and how you grow into an even more amazing person. I promise to laugh with the little freshies that mess up the cheers and make them feel comfortable just like you did for us. Please come visit us, I’m going to miss you more than you will ever know and you can 100 percent count on me being the only senior that can barely do a cartwheel. Expect many texts during college from me sweets.


Love endlessly,



Kennedy G. by Sophie R.

Kennedy is a one in a million kind of friend. She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. She’s always there for me no matter what. She’s one of the strongest people I know, and she is a constant positive light and outlet in my life. Kennedy has made a huge impact on me. She never fails to put a smile on my face. She overcomes any obstacle that comes her way and never gives up; that is very inspirational. After everything she’s been through, she still has accomplished so many things in her life and will continue to do so. I can’t imagine not having a friend like her, and I can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes in the future. I will forever be grateful for her. Have fun in college KK, I’m going to miss you!




Kimai M. by Kiori M.

When I was asked to write this passage for Kimai, I didn’t know where to begin. Kimai is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. Not only is she kind, honest, and beautiful on the inside and out, Kimai is also an amazing sister. Not only will Kimai listen to me, but she always puts aside what she is doing to help me. Through the years Kimai and I have not only grown closer as sisters but as friends. I can’t believe that she’s graduating, and I will miss her a lot next year. I am extremely thankful to have Kimai in my life and I love her very much.


Kyle E. by Steele D.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been friends with Kyle for a good bit now. Growing up together in the same neighborhood was definitely a fun time. There’s not really one memory that stands out through all the years. So I’ll say this, for the days we hung by the creek or messed around at our houses and even when you locked me in a cooler, those are times I will always remember, and I wouldn’t wanna trade. I know you're gonna do some great things at NC State.


Lilly P. by Cameron P.

Dear Lilly,


I am so glad I have gotten to know you and your quirky spirit over the past two years. From your obsession with Warm Fuzzies to our love for Core Water, I will miss every part of your bubbly personality. A moment I will never forget that epitomizes your care for others and love for field hockey is the night before the state championship game. As the team all sat in a circle on the soon to be state championship playgrounds, surrounded by candles, you began crying uncontrollably. You saw the amazing potential our team had from the start of the season and never failed to bring a positive energy to every practice and game. After taking a stick to the face early in the season, you continued to keep a high morale, despite your warrior wound. No matter how much you iced your face, it continued to swell. Your resilient and competitive nature will forever leave a legacy on the Country Day field hockey program. Thank you for all the fruit squishies and light up dumplings, but most importantly, thank you for being my role model for the past two years.​

Lots of love,



Margaret M. by Caroline S.


Dear Margaret,


When I think about describing you it is hard for me to pinpoint a specific moment when I realized how much I look up to you. What I can say are just a few things that you have done that have so positively impacted me. At the beginning of my freshmen year, I was new to the field hockey team. I did not know many people, but that did not stop you from making sure I felt included in the team’s atmosphere. You took me under your wing and helped me navigate the beginning of my high school career. On and off the field, you were always kind, waving to me in between classes, or offering advice whenever I needed some guidance. Even going into my sophomore year, you would not allow me to stop pushing myself or being there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to. I will never forget the stories and memories we had whether it was sitting out together while injured or the hugs after our state championship win. I will miss your energy and brightness both on the field and off next year. I hope you are ready for many visits next year and lots of snapchat texts. Love you the most mama Margaret.

Lots of love,


Mary Thomas W. by Maggie B.​

MT!!! Let’s just start by saying I have absolutely no clue what I will do without you next year. Who woulda known that sitting in a circle gluing on fake nails after a basketball game was going to lead to our friendship? From the beginning, your kindness and willingness has amazed me and I’ll never ever forget the guidance and care you showed me at Saranac. With any given situation, I am so grateful I have been able to come to you and I am gonna miss our parked car talks more than the world. Love you always ️

PS: a message from THE Jack Purk “Hey MT I’m beyond proud of you for making it into the UNC. Your such a kind hearted person and no one deserves it more than you. Come visit Clemson soon!!”


Meredith W. by Sarah M.​

Mere!! Literally my girl crush, coolest person ever, and a total icon. I could not be more grateful  that physics class last year led you to be my senior bestie, because you are one of the best, most genuine people around. You are a killer writer, an ok basketball player, and one of my favorite people. I am so lucky to have you in my corner and I hope you know that just because you’re going to college doesn’t mean you can get rid of me...that 2.5 hour drive has nothing on me :)


Nick K. by Connor K.​


Nick’s been a great mentor for me. Anything unexpected or new in high school, he gave his take on it and explained it or what have you. He has a lot of experience with many things in high school, and he never failed to show me how to do something, or where something was, or who to talk to for something. We’ve also always had stupid jokes with each other, just dumb things that high school guys do, which livened up the scene for me a little. I’m gonna miss him in college.


Olivia K. by Ellie D.


Dear Olivia,

I am so glad to have gotten to know you during IB Bio this year! You are always such a joy to be around and I am going to miss seeing you next year. I don’t know what I would have done without your amazing chemistry advice during my horrific IA solution making process, and I will miss seeing your daily Starbucks of choice in our first period classes. You are so energetic and fun, I know you will do great things off at college. Miss you and hope you will come visit next year!


Patsy S. by Lulu S.


Dear Patty,


I am so proud and excited that you are going to UNC, but I must say I will be lonely at home without you. I will miss our morning car rides, dance parties, and ripping into the parking lot at 7:58 with “Nice for What” blaring on the speakers. I know you will find another place where you can rap and practice your go-to karaoke song at the top of your lungs in college, but I will miss those mornings with you. I love you so much and can’t wait to visit you and Sal at UNC!


Riley O. by Halle B. and Lucy F.


To our dearest Riley,


Thank you for being our personal Country Day edition of Tiger Beat during our first year in the Upper School. We loved getting to know you on the cheer team freshman and sophomore year and getting to know you even more outside of school as true besties! Your sense of humor is comparable to... I can’t even think of words to describe it. You are honestly just so unlike the rest. Again, I have no words to describe it. You are truly amazing though. Showstopping. Spectacular. Never before seen. We love you so much!

From the long days at cheer camp which showed your work ethic and drive, to the long bus rides to and from away games, your dedication to cheer and the school was clear. Even when our stunts kept falling, you continued to encourage us all to throw them back up again. It is evident how much you care by the kind notes you wrote us and the drives to Caribou. We wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. Your kind heart and funny personality shine through in everything that you do. We know you will do amazing things at Elon, angel baby!​


Much love,

Halle B. and Lucy F. <3

P.S. I just thought about that time when you ran and flipped over that chair in the FAC during cheer practice LOL. Now I can’t stop laughing.


Sadie R. by Sarah M.


Sadie you have seen me at my physical worst- whether that be basically crawling up the hill at McAlpine or gassed after our soccer games. Even then, you were always there to pick me up with your encouraging words and helping hands. Running with you has pushed me to be a better athlete, and while having you as a soccer teammate for the past couples years, I’ve watched you become a leader of the team and I know I will miss your presence on both teams, but I know that you will totally kill it in Colorado!!!

Sarah P. by Grace G.

Hi! I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know Sarah P. this year, and let me tell you, she is one of the sweetest, craziest, most fun souls out there. I knew of her before since she was in my mom’s public speaking class, but I had never really hung out with her. Sarah had the same free as my study hall and quickly became my study buddy and chem helper. She definitely made study hall more fun. I don’t know if we would have ever become friends if she hadn’t reached out, since it can be a bit hard to talk to upperclassmen. I am so thankful that she did, because I might never have gotten to know the wonderful person that is Sarah P. You can’t be around Sarah and not smile; her enthusiasm is infectious. She is the funniest person I know and is quick to crack a joke or spontaneously start dancing. Sarah is such a friendly and outgoing person and can be super bold; don’t ever dare her to do something if you don’t expect her to do it. Her antics in study hall kept me and everyone around us entertained. Sarah is so smart and a great athlete. She is an amazing leader and goalie in lacrosse, as well as an awesome team player. She is so friendly to underclassmen and never makes it seem as if they are below her in any way, simply helping them as they need it and being a friend. Sarah is a great artist and often combines her art with her passion about the environment. Congrats on Sewanee! They are lucky to have you, and I know you will do great in your studies of sustainability and the environment. I’ll miss you! My free period will never be the same and neither will I. You have helped me and provided so much joy and friendship in my life.


Love you and miss you,

Grace :)



Stephen P. by Bo S.​


I have really enjoyed spending time with Stephen over the past few years. From JV basketball practices to Friday nights on the football field, Stephen was always a pleasure to be around. Specifically, I felt that Stephen and I really got to know each other this past year during football. Throughout the season, Stephen had a great work ethic and served as a great example for not only me, but the entire team. Because of all this hard work, he encountered a tremendous amount of success and was named first team all-state. While all this success was great, it was the moments off the field that made Stephen special. After a tough practice, Stephen could always get a laugh out of anyone. I had a lot of fun playing with him this year and I can’t wait to see what he does next year at Tulane!​


Sophie S. by Harper S.


Dear Sophie,


As most know, you are a phenomenal runner. However, there is also much more to you that I want to recognize. I remember freshman year after I had just finished my first 1000-meter race, you congratulated me with the biggest hug. You consistently encourage others and recognize their accomplishments even when your own achievements are much greater. During cross country season, you gave a pep talk prior to a race saying when you want to slow down, don’t, because you won’t feel any more pain than you already are experiencing. You taught the team perseverance. Although you are a dedicated athlete, you are not always serious. You and Clarkson’s comments during team meetings will always be the highlights of the season. I will miss you greatly as I look up to you both as a runner and as a person. I don’t think Country Day will ever see an athlete quite like Sophie S. again.






Susan R. by Cal B.

Susan! You are my #1 homie, and I am going to miss you so much next year. I remember we first bonded over our love for memes in Algebra 2 with Mrs. Hine. After short time, I realized that you were a connoisseur of fine memes, and soon we had to be separated by Mrs. Hine because we were constantly discussing our favorite memes during class. We also got to explore China together on the school China trip that year, and no matter what the activity was you always made it fun with your humorous comments. After that year we remained good friends, and this summer we became really close on the Greece trip. I am so glad our paths crossed despite being in different grades because it started a friendship that is so important to me. I especially enjoy talking to you because you are a great listener and I can always expect authenticity from you. Whenever you are around, you bring an aura of happiness and humor with you. I know that you will have a great time at USC next year, and I wish you good luck. I am so lucky to have you as a friend, and I hope you always remember that you are a highway.


Thomas S. by Russell T.​


Thomas and I grew really close in the Spring of my freshman year. Despite having limited lacrosse experience, I ended up on varsity lacrosse my freshman year. Shortly after the coaches realized that I had limited stick skills, I was moved to D-Middie along with Thomas. That year, we had two D-Middie lines: Reece and Will M. and then Thomas and me. As a freshman, I had the tendency to get nervous or down on myself when I messed up, but Thomas was always there to pick me up. He’s a relatively quiet guy, but his determination and toughness on the field speak volumes to who he is. Just watching him play made me admire him a lot, and I am grateful that I had such a good role model in my first year of high school.


This past year of football was also an incredible time with Thomas. He never cared about his stats or ego, and he always did his job really well, with no hesitation or complaints. There were a few times when I got on him pretty hard for something he did, but he always responded really well, and he never tried to put the blame on someone else (even though it was usually not his fault). Simply put, I think Thomas is the definition of what a great teammate is and playing with him was a blast. I’m bummed we won’t ever be teammates again, but I’m looking forward to many more memories off the field with my man Thomas. Love you, buddy.



Tori S. by Adriana T.


Dear Tori,


I’m going to miss you. You and I have become great friends since last year and I will forever be grateful. We met during the soccer season and you helped me a lot during the season on and off the field. You, along with the rest of the team, made my first soccer season in high school amazing. We made many memories that I will never forget. I remember when you, Sienna, and I went to Caribou before one of our games to get smoothies. We were all just chatting and have a great time and the next thing you know one of our coaches walk in and we started laughing because she caught us having smoothies before a big game. After that, I also remember us looking at my old pictures from middle school and I was so embarrassed, but all of us were still laughing. Anyways, you have always been there for me to talk to and trust. Our friendship has grown a lot this year. Unfortunately, we might not play on the soccer field together again this year and experience senior night, but I’m probably still going to celebrate with you on the day senior night was supposed to happen. Thank you for always being there for me.​

Your friend,


William H., Foster H., Charlie V., Bryce M., Thomsen H., William A., and Alex J. by AJ C.


This coming year a lot of people close to me are going to be leaving for college. That sucks. I don’t think that it’s hit me that they’re going to be leaving. Often, we like to compartmentalize something until reality slaps us in the face. I guess that’s what I’m doing. First, I want to mention a group of senior boys that profoundly influenced the way I look at the world. Some people know them as the MUN group or the Track/XC group (there’s a lot of intersection… ask William H. He has theories). From my first few months on campus, this group of guys welcomed me and helped me find my way through Country Day life. Quickly, I became acquainted with all of them and I know that all the memories that I’ve made with them since will last for the rest of my life. I’m never going to forget the late night studying at MUN, the passionate pre-race speeches that we gave, or even the startling size of William A.’s calves (if you know, you know). I am so proud of every one of you for getting into college and I can’t begin to imagine the amazing things you all will do.  

What will you all do? Well… William H. went on to win the NCAA DIII cross country championships for Haverford. His brother, Foster, became a lawyer and has appeared in several episodes of Judge Judy. Charlie V. created a vaccine for Corona Virus… in his Freshman year of college. Thomsen H., following a mid-life crisis, quit his job as an executive at Bank of America to travel the world on his yacht. Bryce M., inspired by his AP Art History experience, now is the director of MoMa in New York City. After graduating from Clemson, William A. started the largest engineering firm in Atlanta, Georgia that would go on to design NASA’s air conditioning system for their ‘America on Venus’ mission. Lastly, Alex J. became the new head of the Nike Oregon Project, replacing Alberto Salazar… it is yet to be determined if doping continues.  

I’m going to miss you all tremendously and I wish the best of luck to you guys in the coming years. Visit! 


Armando C.


Virginia Y. by Judson S.



You’ve been my best friend for around 10 years now, and it’s hard to imagine what life is going to be like when I can’t come to your room and roast all the other siblings with you when I’m bored.  From trying to kill cockroaches with a hunting knife, to laughing way too loud in the kitchen at 3 AM and waking the parents up, it’s been a wonderful ride with you partner.


Love you nerdo,


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