Foster H ('20)

Web Editor

Hey, I’m Foster, a Sophomore and Country Day lifer. I am the Web Editor for The Hook, and I work with my fellow editors to create each edition of The Hook by building The Hook’s website. I believe that The Hook plays a vital role here at Country Day by serving as a voice for inspired students to demonstrate their knowledge and inform the Country Day community. I’m a political enthusiast, an award winning MUN member, and a photographer. In my free time, I love to surf, trail run, and play soccer. You can view some of my photography under the Summer in Photos page.

Rachel G ('19)

Managing Editor

Hey! I’m Rachel and I am a Junior. You might know me as the annoying person that constantly emails you and confronts you about writing for The Hook, but I promise, The Hook is so much fun and definitely worth your time. I am the Vice President for my class and so so excited to be an editor for The Hook this year! I am passionate about creative writing, finding new music, and spending time with people I love. While I am not the sportiest, I dance the year round and am on the cheer squad in the fall. Being the extrovert that I am, I love chatting to anyone and everyone and getting involved wherever I can. Check out my new article under the Summer Adventures section.

Emma P ('19)

Multimedia Editor

Hey y’all!! I’m Emma, and I’m a Junior. I am the multimedia editor for The Hook meaning my main role’s include the photography and videography aspects of The Hook. I think The Hook provides a great outlet for Country Day students, in terms of being a safe place for both creativity and opinion. As well as this, The Hook has the ability to bring together the entire high school, making us all more of a community. My passions include traveling, photography and interior design among many other things. I’m also a strong activist for the ideals I hold dear to my heart and take pride in my ability to spread the knowledge I have.

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Sammy F ('18)


Hi, my name is Sammy, and I am a senior. I am the Editor and Chief! My goal for The Hook is to further its role as an outlet for student opinion and expression and as a catalyst for conversations on and off the Country Day Campus. I am known to ruin Snapchat streaks and over-enthusiastically celebrate the goals I score in Varsity soccer games. I am an avid feminist, writer, and aspiring thespian. I mostly enjoy writing about all of the above topics as well as fashion and student life. You can read my newest piece about Summer at Brown under the Summer Programs section of this edition. I hope you all enjoy The Hook and are as excited as us to see where we will be going this year!

Mimi L ('19)

Copy Editor

Hi! I’m Mimi and I’m a junior. I love writing, photography, and travel. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but I moved to Charlotte when I was really little. I’ve been going to Country Day since Kindergarten— and it really has become like home. I still go back up North to spend my time in Maine during the summers. I’m so excited to be a part of this year’s Hook squad. Being copy editor lets me share my love for words, and I’m especially lucky in that I get to make sure that each and every piece is polished to the best of my and the writer’s ability. The Hook is everything that I love about the world and writing: an unconventional voice that stands up and demands to be heard. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that if you something to say, then it must be shared—so speak up, write, read, get inspired and enjoy The Hook!

Lucy E ('19)

Managing Editor

Hey! My name is Lucy and I’m a junior. I’m also the managing editor for The Hook. This year’s team is really excited about getting the CCDS community involved in the Hook and making it a place for people to share anything from what they’re most passionate about to their favorite teacher quotes from the year. I’m a swimmer for Swimmac, dog lover, ex New Yorker and a Disney movie enthusiast. Hope you guys enjoy The Hook as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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