The Migos

By: Bennett H. ('19)

      "Thirty thousand for a Rolly To you I spit a lot of guacamole," "Plug out in China Town, he said he got that shrimp fried rice,” and “they bustin’ for Instagram get your Klout up." What do these lyrics all have in common besides the fact they don’t make sense? They’re all lyrics from the hip-hop rap trio from East Atlanta known as the Migos. The band’s been tearing it up  since 2017. The group consists of three members: Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, Quavo being the star and lead singer. The Migos first became relevant when their songs "Fight Night”, and “Look at my Dab” became smash hits. They were instant internet sensations due to their song "Bad and Boujee." This song helped create instagram captions for teenage girls and inspired "hip" parents to join their movement. But, this year after the released their new album, "Culture," their lives (along with their listeners’ lives) have completely changed. The album was released earlier this year, in January. The most popular hits on this album are "T-Shirt," "Slippery," "Get Right Witcha," "Deadz," and "Kelly Price." The purpose of this album was to rap about the hip-hop culture, along with the Migos culture living and "trapping" in East Atlanta.

      I can honestly say that I can relate to 5% of the stuff they say, but for me it's more about the sound than the words. As high-schoolers know, the AUX cord is a highly judged object. If anyone is ever in doubt about what song to play next on the AUX, any Migos song on their new album would make everyone in the car (in their teens-thirties) happy. Whether it's before a game, in the car or just doing homework, Migos always seems to fit the vibe.

      In order to prove my point, I asked a few classmates for a second opinion. Holden (10th Grader) said, "Hard to listen to Migos and not get lit.” Tyler (10th grader) said, "I feel saucy.” Lastly, Rachel (10th Grader) said, "It's hard not to dance to." In the year 2017, Migos made their "culture" a world-wide sensation.  From inspiring people to start dabbing (which has it's pros/cons), to instagram captions, to twitter memes, Migos culture is the highlight of 2017 so far.

82 Playlists

By: Bennett P. ('18)

      Anyone who knows me well enough will say that music is something that I live for; and they’re not wrong. I will spend HOURS on my Spotify discover page finding songs and making new playlists (I now have a grand total of 82). Although this hobby can be a little distracting with regards to my school work, I would much rather stay up and wait for Logic’s new album to drop than do my Punto y Aparte activity (Sorry Monts). I’m not trying to encourage this behavior, but it is important to get out there and find some new music, ESPECIALLY for car rides. If you have ever been in the car with me and Linton Early, you know how serious we take our car jam seshes. I think we can all agree that you have to have good car music, no matter where you are going and no matter how far. For me, listening to music is the only thing I look forward to when I hop into my 2007 Honda Accord. As summer is approaching quickly, it’s absolutely imperative to have all your summer jams lined up when you skrrt out of the parking lot fresh out of your last exam. If you’ve been too busy studying to make a new playlist, I’ve got you covered. Here are all my go to songs for summer 2017.

Peace out,



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